Our Community

Ok, so what is this Make Space thing?

More than just another art group! We're a peer focused hub of support and creativity.

Sounds interesting, how does it work?

Encourage collaboration by celebrating our differences while finding comfort in our common ground - art. Sessions are offered both in person and digitally along with regular resource access online.

Art and well-being isn't exactly a new idea - how is Make Space different?

We promote lived experience and open conversation without judgement, a place to connect with others, feel supported and even find new friends. The community is relaxed and open to all skill levels with a wide range of creative practices to discover and share.

"The Make Space idea, like many things, was born out of necessity - I found it difficult to set aside time for myself at home as I lacked motivation.

Just as some people need a gym to focus their physical well-being, I realised that having a dedicated art space would reduce negative feelings around doing something purely for me. 

The part I hadn't considered was just how much the routine would impact my mental health! The sessions became a focal point for my week, something to look forward to and even get excited for"

Jo - Make Space Founder